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About Us

ETS strives to limit our clients’ liability and provide healthier living and working situations through environmental due diligence.

ETS has provided our clients with comprehensive environmental consulting services for more than fifteen years on capital improvement, minor and major demolition, and renovation projects sixteen years.

Services provided include initial building inspection services, construction design review, development of abatement specifications, project design, project management, bid walks, worker training, abatement oversight, air monitoring, demolition oversight, and closeout reporting.

Additional Services 

Asbestos abatement project management/oversight

Asbestos abatement technical specification and project design

Regulated building material inventories

Air monitoring and final clearance reporting

Soils characterization, soil management plans, and remediation design

Certified Asbestos Building Inspector (CABI) services for soil excavation projects

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) LaboratoryLead-based paint project management/oversight

Methamphetamine assessments and remediation plans

Mold consulting

LBP risk assessments

Development of lead-based paint management plans

Development of asbestos operations and management plans

Lead-based paint (LBP) identification, inspection, sampling, and assessment

XRF lead-based paint inspections

Indoor air quality evaluations

Radon testing

Asbestos identification, inspection, sampling, and assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Wetland Delineations

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)

Meet Our Specialists


The ETS team is dedicated to providing high-quality environmental consulting services. All of our staff are provided rigorous classroom and on-the-job training. The entire ETS team is experienced in site assessment, sampling. safety, regulatory coordination, and management of large to small-scale asbestos abatement projects, remediation projects, and demolition projects.
Alanna Pozzi

Alanna Pozzi

Principal Officer

Mike Pozzi

Mike Pozzi

Vice President

Alanna Pozzi is ETS’ principal officer. Mrs. Pozzi is the chief contact for lead-based paint inspection and risk assessment services. She is a Colorado State certified Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Inspector/Risk Assessor, Erosion Control Supervisor, Asbestos Air Monitoring Specialist, Asbestos Building Inspector, and Asbestos Management Planner. Additionally, Mrs. Pozzi has been a licensed attorney in the State of Colorado since 1997. She is currently a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Environmental Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association, allowing her to stay current in changes in the environmental rules, regulations, and laws. Mrs. Pozzi has worked with numerous federal, state, and local agencies as both an attorney and an environmental consultant. Finally, Mrs. Pozzi is a member of both the Colorado Environmental Professionals Association and the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado.

Mrs. Pozzi has managed small to large-scale lead-based paint inspection, risk assessment, abatement, and lead hazard stabilization projects. Project oversight on LBP projects included identifying LBP, identifying lead hazards, drafting lead hazard control plans, project management, drafting LBP operation and maintenance plans, coordinating with CDPHE, contractors, and tenants, monitoring LBP removal, inspections of containments, and clearance testing.

Mike Pozzi is ETS’ vice president and chief contact for asbestos-related services and field operations. He has over 20 years of industrial hygiene experience, focusing on indoor air quality, asbestos abatement, and building demolition. Mr. Pozzi is a Colorado state-certified Consultant for Methamphetamine-Affected Properties, Asbestos Air Monitoring Specialist, Asbestos Building Inspector, and Asbestos Project Designer. He has completed his 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard Training and maintains current with annual refreshers. Mr. Pozzi is a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists and participates in numerous radon continuing education programs to stay current in the field of radon measurement services. Mr. Pozzi has conducted 100s of indoor air quality evaluations with a focus on mold. His training includes seminars such as “Assessing the Built Environment for Water Damage and Fungal Growth” and “IAQ, Mold, Bacteria, and Legionella.” Finally, Mr. Pozzi has conducted numerous asbestos awareness training sessions for ETS clients.

Mr. Pozzi’s extensive environmental management experience has included supervising simple to highly complex asbestos abatement and soil remediation projects while working closely with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Mr. Pozzi has managed numerous small to large-scale projects for the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment since 2015. Mr. Pozzi’s collaborative efforts with CDPHE have increased efficiency and reduced asbestos and lead hazard abatement costs on numerous projects.

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ETS seeks and employs environmental scientists that are dedicated to providing high-quality environmental consulting services. All our staff is provided rigorous classroom and on-the-job training. The entire ETS team is experienced in site assessment, sampling, safety, regulatory coordination, and managing large to small-scale asbestos abatement, remediation, and demolition projects.